Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Low-gluten altar breads: Holy Spirit at work

In addition to being a wife, a mom and a columnist, I also have a GREAT job as director of communications for a congregation of Benedictine sisters.

I don't often post work-related articles here, but I'm rather proud of this one: http://bit.ly/4ugvKo.

I was asked by Special Food Groups magazine to pen an article about the history and spirituality behind the Sisters' ministry of baking low-gluten altar breads (also called communion hosts).

The Sisters have been making altar breads for almost a century. To date, they are the largest religious producers of such breads. A few years ago, they invented a low-gluten bread for those with allergies or Celiac Sprue Disease. The Sisters are the only Vatican-approved makers of these special breads.

Oh, and did I mention they ROCK?! Hands down, they are the greatest people to work for, and I'm so delighted to call them my friends.

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