Monday, February 15, 2010

My little Pele

Thanks to the Northwest Bearcat soccer team for hosting a clinic for 4- and 5-year-old aspiring players this weekend.

Gabe had a great time learning a few fundamentals. Plus, he scored three goals in scrimmage. It was a nice boost for him. When he played soccer last fall he was one of the youngest in the entire league. It was difficult to keep up with the older kids and rarely got his feet on the ball, but he stuck with it. That's my boy!

As a parent.... My kid isn't perfect. I'm not perfect, so I don't expect him to be. But he shined on Saturday. He was placed in a group that had two or three - shall we say - unruly little boys. They refused to listen, and disrupted the clinic for all else in Gabe's group. Gabe and the three girls, on the other hand, were very well behaved.

It may take a village but discipline starts at home, my friends.

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