Friday, May 28, 2010

We have hope!

Me and my girl, Chaser

It's official...we received word tonight that our beautiful golden girl has cancer. But - our initial prayers have been answered in that it hasn't metastasized!!! So we have hope!

It will be a difficult summer as we've opted to have the leg amputated. I recall our vet mentioning years ago that God gives dogs and cats a spare when it comes to legs, that they adapt much more easily than we puny humans. Who knew I'd file that information away for another day for personal use?

In any case, we are taking Chaser to a canine oncologist in June to discuss treatment options. Jon and I have agreed we won't do anything too invasive (an amputation will be rough enough for her). If we can find a treatment that won't cause too many drastic side effects and - let's face it - mean a second mortage, we'll go with it. Otherwise, we'll do what we can to make her final time with us joyous.

Thanks to all who sent prayers heavenward this week. If anyone has experience with helping a pet recover from an amputation, we'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Chaser is a lucky pup to have such good parents. :)