Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to Wrigley

I waited 25 years for this moment: my first game at Wrigley Field!

Was I happy? Uh, YES. Had that This Is My First Visit To The Friendly Confines Look of Awe on my face. Fortunately the staff has seen it before and didn't treat me like an idiot or ask if I had taken my medication.

This is me about 15 seconds after entering the Friendly Confines.

The evening before, I got advice from a gal who used to work there. She said, "Whatever you matter what gate you enter from....DO NOT look at the field until you walk down the inside concourse to the home plate entrance. THEN walk in. That's the best place to get your first look."

And she was right. It was just like I pictured...but more spectacular. Keep your fancy ballparks with 10-story-high video boards and gourmet restaurants. It's all about the bleacher bums, ivy-covered outfield walls and open-air upper decks.

My great-grandpa was a pitcher for the Yankees WAAAY back in the day. Times were different then, he said. No big-league contracts. Everyone had a second - or third job - to support their families. And pitchers were expected to pitch the entire game. In fact, he recalled pitching double-headers. Try getting a MLB pitcher to do that today.


Yep, this will probably be our Christmas card photo this year. We were just nine rows up from the beautiful field. The only thing that would have made it more perfect? My dad being there with us.

He never got to Wrigley before he passed away almost three years ago. I know he can catch a game any time he wants now. But it's not the same as him sitting there beside me. If anything to hear him say around the 8th inning, "Well, it's about time for the Cubbies to blow another one." Hah!

So my dad wasn't with me...but my AWESOME hubby was! Best birthday gift ever! Guess I'll have to quit giving him a hard time...for a while.

My hubby isn't really a Cubs fan...but he does recommend having a brew (or two) in Wrigleyville before a game.

And, of course, we followed the game with dinner at Harry Caray's tavern downtown. Let me hear ya!

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