Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake fun and other news

We spent a wonderful week at the lake with Jon's family. It was so great to see my hubby relaxing. His job can be stressful, so I'm happy he got to enjoy the water, dumping his little bro off a jet ski and throwing his son into the lake...repeatedly. Ah, good times.

And we were so proud of Gabe. He is great about trying new things. Jet skiing. Tubing. Diving off a 12-foot platform. The best missed photo op was when he flew off into the stratosphere while tubing at an alarming rate of speed. However, after spitting out a gallon of water he announced he was ready for Round 2.

And the day we returned home we welcomed Bear to our family. She's an 8-month-old golden retriever. We weren't looking yet; still dealing with the loss of our beloved Chaser. But Bear found us anyway. She already had a great home, but the family needed to downsize the number of dogs they had. So she has found a home with us.

As she was in an outside kennel, we're experience the joys of housetraining. And she's quickly learned the value of air conditioning and comfy beds.

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