Monday, August 2, 2010

Life is golden

Bear has adjusted nicely to our home.  In one short week, I can report the following:

1. Housetrained in two days.

2. Learned to sit, stay and lay down. Also understands what NO, DROP THAT and WE DO NOT EAT POOP mean.

3. Decided the most comfy place to sleep is on our bed. Since she's already 56 pounds and growing...the odds of her staying in it are very, very low.

4. Gabe is her favorite person. He's even better than peanut butter.

5. Chewies rock.

6. She's definitely a golden: bred with an inate need to steal socks and other assorted laundry items.

We have loved opening our home to this beautiful spirit. Sometimes when she cocks her head a certain way or runs down the hallway, she reminds me so much of Chaser it makes my heart ache.

After Chaser died, a friend remarked that when our beloved pets pass it's as if they leave to make room for another. In a way, that has happened. We'd give anything to have our Golden Girl back with us. But that's not possible. So here we are, sharing our love with another.

Chaser trained us well.

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  1. Awww, I am sooo happy for you guys!! She is one lucky doggie:)