Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Masa!

Earlier this year we joined Northwest Missouri State University's Friends of International Students. Community residents are paired with international Northwest students. Last month we met our friend, Masa, who hails from Japan.

The university did a great job in pairing Masa with our family. He loves sports (especially soccer) and has a golden retriever at home. We welcomed Masa and his friend to our home yesterday for an early birthday celebration.

The guys played soccer and Wii with Gabe then we followed with a traditional don't-count-the-calories American fare of hot 'n spicy chicken, green bean casserole and loaded mashed potatoes. PLUS, we made Masa our family's traditional Red Velvet birthday cake.

According to Masa, only Japanese children get cake on their birthdays. We told him - here in America, you get cake until you die! Hah!

Gabe gave Masa good points for his technique for blowing out the candles while we sang "Happy Birthday." All in all, a great day spent with new friends. Next up? Gabe wants Masa to teach him how to write his name in Japanese. Stay tuned....

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