Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad would have celebrated his 65th birthday today. Would have. But didn't.

Instead, he's forever young. Having been taken from us almost four years ago after a fatal heart attack one hot, August morning.

My dad taught me many things. About honesty. Trying your best. Never giving up. Take the high road whenever possible...but that doesn't mean you always have to like it.

It's OK to get pissed. It's OK to get angry. It's OK to feel small in a big world sometimes. But sitting around feeling sorry for yourself? No way. Get up. Change direction.

Family is #1. It means unconditional love. It means giving advice that might not be your favorite answer but is typically the right one. It means making sacrifices. It means don't hold grudges (I still have trouble with that one).

My dad. A quiet man who lived a quiet life. And is missed more today - every day - since he died.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Semper Fi.

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