Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank God for little boys

With all the drama surrounding a certain clothier's new padded swimsuits for little girls (I refuse to name names and increase their Google hit number) makes me even more happy to be mom to a little boy.

Little girls are great. Hell, I used to be one and I ROCKED. But the pressure to grow up sooner rather than later is different for a girl. Thanks to media, peer pressure and an XX chromosome urge to walk in heels before we're 3 years old we've pressured our little princesses to become queens of the ball long before they are ready.

But boys? Sure, they have pressures. Maybe even more difficult ones. But the one thing I can count on is my son not demanding to wear clothes that bare his cleavage or belly button, or wear low-cut jeans that show his crack any time he even thinks about bending over.

At least until he grows up and tells us he's become a drag queen. Until then, he's clueless and that's just the way I like him.

Case in point...yesterday, he put his shirt on backwards. Even though there was a big-ass dinosaur on the front of it. Not sure what was more frightening. That he failed to notice until I pointed it out. Or that it took him five hours before he decided to turn it around.

Thank God for little boys.

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