Sunday, June 12, 2011

Honey Bear

Out of heartbreak comes happiness. It's been 11 months since we brought Bear home with us. She's like Chaser in so many ways, but she's completely her own puppy.

She's SO affectionate. It's true what the experts say: Rescued dogs never forget.

Bear wasn't abused in any way at her first home. Her owners gave her to us because there were just too many other four-legged friends vying for attention. So I guess that's why she's such a lover. No 70-pound Golden Retriever should aspire to be a lap dog...but she is.

As my husband said this week, "She has so much love to give. She just doesn't have room for it has to go somewhere."

If there's room in your heart and an animal shelter or rescue organization close by, stop by and find a Bear of your own. Unconditional love of an animal that will always see you as a hero, never judge you and adore you until the end? It's a pretty sweet ride.

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