Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pinky swear

An interesting development occurred at Gabe's annual eye check up yesterday.

Important to note: Gabe's eye doctor has been with our family for generations. Literally. His patients include Gabe's grandma, grandpa, dad and me. In fact, he has been my husband's eye doctor since my better half was almost Gabe's age.

At the appointment. Dr. Eye Doctor asked Gabe if he had a girlfriend. He answered as any self-respecting first grader would by shaking his head violently, shuddering with great distaste and belting out, "No way!"

Dr. Eye Doctor chuckled and asked, "So how old do you have to be before you have a girlfriend?"

Gabe smiled and said, "College."

Next thing I know, Dr. Eye Doctor rushes from the room, quickly returns with pen and paper and begins writing a note. After he finished, he handed it to Gabe and read aloud, " 'I will not have a girlfriend until I am in college.' " He then told Gabe to sign and date it, which he did.

So this sucker is going in the bank box for safe-keeping

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