Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No stink bombs allowed

It was our 6-year-old son’s turn to play scientist in school today. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it later...from the teacher. Lord knows our son won’t have any comment.

If it doesn’t involve recess, lunch, the bathroom, recess or recess...he really doesn’t have much to offer when I ask each day, “How was school?”

If he’s ever captured as a prisoner of war....He. Will. Be. Unbreakable.

Unless they offer him vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

As you may deduce, finding a suitable science experiment for a first grader that his classmates hadn’t already done or that didn’t involve a multitude of ingredients, a stove or electrical current wasn’t the easiest of tasks.

And we all know we can’t do the potato/lightbulb trick.

That’s sooooooo 1983.

But that’s why people a hell of a lot smarter than me invented the Internet (and I’m not talking about Al Gore here).

Anyway, after a search through cyberspace, our son decided to make a color wheel and explain how the eye sees color then use a prism to show how white light can be divided into all colors of the rainbow.


Of course, it decided to rain today.


I’m sure he’ll do what he does best and wing his way through the rest of the experiment.

If not, what are they gonna do? Send him back to kindergarten?

At least they get snacks there.

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