Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A really good armpit fart

Oh, to be six years old again and discover one of life's greatest joys.

My son returns home after a play date with a friend yesterday. He marches inside and immediately asks, "Guess what I learned today?"

Without waiting for my reply, he snuck his hand under his shirt and preceded to give me a demonstration of a quality armpit fart.

Atta boy.

He then launched into a diatribe about how he learned it, the dynamics involved, how it's important that your armpit is "kinda sweaty but not too much" and that it took "a long time to learn how to do...almost the length of the car ride home!"

Which, in reality, was only a few blocks. Apparently time gets distorted when you're concentrating on the fine arts in life.

In any case, my husband was amused and immediately requested this be next week's column topic.

Oh, yes.

It will be.

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