Friday, May 11, 2012

A day for moms

My son's first grade class hosted a Mother's Day Tea.

I asked my 6-year-old what I could expect. His answer?

A shoulder shrug and a muttered, "Boys don't have tea parties."

OK. This'll be fun.

But imagine my surprise, later that day, when all us moms walked into a classroom full of beaming faces, presents and flowers.

And then things got really serious as their wonderful teacher began to tear up, thanked us for being great parents, complimented our children and quoted one sweet student who had remarked earlier in the day, "Our class is like a family!"

At that point, it was a contest, a battle of iron will. Who's the toughest mom? Sneaking looks out of the corner of our eyes at the other parents, checking out who was gonna break down first. Soon after, the Kleenex came out.

Then it got even better - each student stood, said what he/she liked most about Mom and presented her with a flower.

My son's comment, "I love my mom because she always tells me how great I am."

No matter what we think our failings are as parents, it's always important to remember we aren't perfect and should never expect our children to be. We learn and grow together as we form our families, in our homes and in our schools.

And when I pass from this beautiful world onto the next, I will always hold in my heart the things I taught my child...and he understands that I know how great he is and always will be.

Parents are our biggest fans. Never forget it. Happy Mother's Day!

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