Monday, May 21, 2012

Entry organizer

The problem: a narrow entry from the garage into the kitchen doesn't leave much room for storage or organizing.

One side consists of double doors to the laundry area. The other side is this:

There's no room for a bench (must not mess with Bear's food and water bowls). I wanted something with a little more substance than just a shelf with hooks. Something on which to hang backpacks, lunch boxes and jackets so they would no longer be covering my dining room chairs.

I was inspired after seeing this on Pinterest:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Guess what the Baldwins did on Saturday?

Yep. We started with some recycled wood.

Sanded, primed and painted. And - VOILA!

(Just waiting on the hubby to attach it to the wall.)

I know a lot of people wouldn't choose black. But white was out of the question. It would show scuff marks when moving hooks around. Being able to adjust them for changing needs (i.e. a growing boy) is a big plus with the design. When winter gets here, I plan to add some small, transparent bags to hold gloves and other cold weather essentials.

And I even went the extra mile and created a little artwork to top things off. Which was a job. As most of you know, my craftiness only lies in my writing.

I created one for each of us with my own printer, using a large font and some free background wallpaper found online.

The best part about the project? Everyone got involved. My husband trimmed boards and nailed the grid together. Our 7-year-old had a ball with the sander. And I painted.

The dog? She supervised.

PLUS, the entire project was super cheap. $11 for paint. $15 for the hooks. $12 for all three photo frames.

I love the look of Pottery Barn but can rarely afford it. Thanks to this little project, I can have the look without going broke.

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